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The purpose of this website is to connect Young Living members to share their experience, concerns, miracles and passion for Essential Oils and other Young Living products.

Dive with us into wonderful world of plants, herbs and essential oils. Share your knowledge and daily stories on our Forum. Ask questions and offer advice. It was all created for you.


Essential Oils


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Essential oils are the regenerating and oxygenating immune defense properties of plants. Their oxygenating molecules effectively transport nutrients and a myriad of other powerful chemical constituents to the cells, bringing life to the plants, destroying infections, staving off infestation, aiding in growth, and stimulating healing. They are to plants what blood is to the human body, and much, much more.


How It works


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Because of their unique chemical structure, essential oils are able to penetrate the cell membrane of human cells, same way they do the cells of plants, carrying vital nutrients inside. Once they get into the cell they promote natural healing by stimulating and reinforcing the body's own mechanisms. For therapeutic effect you must use "Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils"



Young Living Oils are known from their quality and there is no doubt they are the best oils on the world. We believe that by creating this site we will make them even more popular, and we help humanity to come back to the roots of our nature - planet earth. Young Living oils can heal not only your physical body but also change the consciousness of human being and this is perhaps even more important for the future of our planet and our generation. Please keep in mind - administrators of this website take no responsibility for any statements or advice given by other board members. The forum is free to use for everybody, but in order to use it you must register. We hope you will keep coming back...


Information on this site has not been approved by FDA or any other Government Agency. Documents on this website are informational only and are not intended to help treat any disease. In case of serious health issues you must see licensed professional for medical advice.



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Missing Link Of Modern Medicine

Medicine Is Wrong

Conventional medicine has failed us. For the first time ever, the lifespan of people is decreasing. And our collective quality of life has plummeted. More people are diseased, overweight, clinically depressed and suffering from heart attacks, osteoporosis, arthritis and Alzheimer's disease than ever before. And what does conventional medicine have to offer us? More drugs. Sold at sky-high prices to people who simply can't afford them anymore. Even worse, we're seeing one scandal after another in the pharmaceutical industry. Thanks to insider emails published at the Wall Street Journal, we now know that the FDA conspired with drug companies to cover-up the dangerous side effects of prescription drugs like Vioxx that may have killed tens of thousands of Americans. These drugs should have been pulled from the market years ago, and now the FDA's reputation is in shambles over the scandal.

Do your home work and Google for "FDA corruption". The resulted obver 3 million links speaks for itself.


God's Medicine

The world is facing a medical disaster. Modern technology has produced the jet aircraft, which can be the instrument of transferring contagious disease around the world in hours, and the planes spray deadly chemical around the globe almost 24/7. Fortunately, there are answers that provide a way for us to protect ourselves, our families and friends from these dangers. Research has shown that with their immune-stimulating properties essential oils can dramatically enhance and support the building of the immune system, whether they are inhaled or rubbed on the body topically. Even those who contract a cold or the flu can recover 70% faster using essential oils." (D. Gary Young, ND, 1996) " I expect that essential oils may some day prove a vital weapon in the fight against strains of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Lavender, thyme and tea-tree oils have been used for centuries as antiseptics; their chemical compounds appear to kill microbes on contact."Aromatherapy based on therapeutic grade essential oils is one of the most powerful yet safe healing modalities we have today" (dr. Terry Friedmann, M.D., 1993)





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Young Living Lavender Farm



Young Living Lavender Farm


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